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I started my entertainment career at the tender age of 13, playing the electronic organ at local over 60's clubs and residential/care homes.

At 16 I was resident organist at a local social club with my uncle as compere and resident vocalist.

Just before turning 18 I became a Butlins redcoat at an adult only hotel in Blackpool and then the following year a redcoat at an adult only hotel in Scarborough.

In 1992 I changed colour and became a Pontins bluecoat at an adult only centre in Hemsby, Norfolk. This is where I met the future Mrs. Wombat.

1993 saw both of us in Scarborough again as redcoats. 


Due to a rule stating married couples were not allowed to work together we ventured to the Isle of Wight to become Warner Teamstars. Haven Holidays took over the site so we were now Havenmates. We stayed on the Isle of Wight for 2 years and then decided to give up the holiday centre lifestyle and settle down.

Easier said than done. I started to do vocals and comedy at local social clubs but with a new baby decided to give it up to help Mrs.Wombat. Doing fun and games at my sons 4th birthday party people suggested I should take up childrens entertainment. I gave it a go and over 20 years later I'm still going strong.


Along with the childrens entertainment I still entertain adults too. I've gone back to my roots entertaining in clubs with my comedy tribute show under the name Mickey Tribute and also singing under the name Dave Cottrelle.

Also once a year I become a pantomime dame.

Entertainment is my life and I can't live without it.

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