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Party options

You pay for my time and not for what I do so you can have whatever you want in a party package. I don't have a set routine either so I can stop and start to fit around food or other activities. This also helps as children can be unpredictable and it is great to change to suit their moods.

Look below for the type of options you can have in a party:


Ideal for three to five year olds, although I have done them for older children. I do a range of puppet shows, these include: "Old Macdonald Had A Farm", "Ricky Raccoon Lost In The Jungle", "Going On Holiday", "Christmas Show" and "The Circus Is Coming To Town". I like to get all the children joining in together apart from the Circus show where I tend to get individuals up. A puppet show is great for nurseries and reception classes in primary schools.


The most popular choice for parties. Great for four to seven year olds. I love to hear the children laughing and shouting out so it is more comedy than magic. As far as the magic part goes, the children do it. When I say the magic word, nothing happens. Depending on the age I also include a puppet or two within the magic show.   Click here to see a clip of me in action.


Different from a sit down show and ideal for the more energetic. This party needs lots of room so it is not ideal for a house. It contains relay races such as egg and spoon and the sack race. The children are split into teams and race to build up there points. 



Have this on its own or combine it with a show to make a two hour party package. All my games are based around a disco theme, so on come the disco lights. The games are easy, like musical bumps and statues. I don't like the children to sit on the side so I keep the children in all the time. If they do have to sit out, it is only for a very, very short period. Prizes are provided. I don't tend to do pass the parcel as it is a sitting down game. If you want a pass the parcel, it is no problem to fit it in to the game section. All I ask is that you provide the parcel. 




Due to not all the children winning a prize and they have been awesome, every child gets a balloon of their choice, (if I can make it), before I go home.


As I don't have a set routine you can choose what you like. Here is a description of a typical two hour party:

I arrive around fifteen to twenty minutes beforehand  to set up ready. On comes the music and disco lights followed by the bubble machine so the children can play in the bubbles whilst we wait for others to arrive. I then sit the children down and do the comedy magic show with puppets. It's about time the children have something to eat. I get the children to line up behind the birthday child and march them around to where they have to sit or collect their food. Whilst thay eat I mix and mingle with them. Lets sing Happy Birthday and blow the candles out on the cake. More bubbles to keep the first food finishers occupied. On come the disco lights again and it is time for fun and games and a chance to win a prize. After the games I sit the children down for thankyous and prize giving. Before they all head off home I line them up behind the birthday child so they can all get a balloon model.

Other activities like face painting and bouncy castles are not needed as the children will be entertained fully for the time of the party, so save your money. If you do want to include extras then that's fine by me and I can work around them.

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